HP Acquisition of PALM and the future

I’m glad that somebody bought PALM finally! I own no stock in either PALM, Inc. (PALM) or Hewlett Packard Company (HPQ) but I didn’t want to see WebOS die. I don’t own a WebOS phone but it was a strong contender to be my next phone. Of course my hope was that HTC would take the EVO or the Incredible and slap PalmOS on it, but well HP can do something similar.

Dell is entering the Smartphone market, Asus makes the Garmin Phone and Lenovo has a phone in China. It was an obvious next step for HP to have a phone and HP is a Microsoft Windows Phone 7  partner too. But if HP could have its own OS that is at least equal to if not better than everything that is out there along with PALM’s excellent patent portfolio, that is even better than having the Microsoft deal.

Microsoft has been going after Android device makers to license patents and HP can avoid those Microsoft fees if it has PALM. In fact HP can avoid Windows Phone 7 altogether. Personally even though I am very happy with my current Windows Mobile phone and Windows Phone 7 sounds promising, I expect that it will have teething trouble because it is a complete rewrite and not backwards compatible. Also Windows Phone 7 suffers from many shortcomings of the iPhone such as a closed ecosystem for apps, which are not problems with Android or WebOS.

All HP needs to do now is pair some good hardware with WebOS.

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