The government wants to give me $7000! Yeah, right

Yesterday was the second time I got a call from a “US government” department. This time the department had something to do with finance and they actually got my name correct possibly from a directory listing. Last time I got the call – a few days ago at my work number – they didn’t even know who they were calling. Just “Your Name and Number has been picked to get $7000 from the US Government Department of Krauss” (that’s what it sounded like, I made the person repeat the name of the department 3 times but I couldn’t tell what it was).

Who exactly are the people that fall for this crap? I’m sure someone somewhere believes this shit and hands over financial info. After all there are some people who buy V1@grA from email spammers and send money to Nigeria with the hopes of getting more money from a random prince.

The first call it was somebody with an Indian accent. The second one sounded more like an eastern European one. People who fall for this stuff probably deserve it. If you are someone who would fall for this, here is a warning that it is not true. The US government gives people money quite often but they do make you file taxes to get it.

Taxes reminds me, don’t forget to get your $800 by filling out Schedule M.

Update: After some hunting around online, I couldn’t find many instances of people reporting this. Here is one that I found, which is in Oct. 2009. This led to a phone number – 202-684-6582 – and a search for that phone number revealed at least one idiot who fell for the scam.

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