BP, Obama, Why was work on the Relief Well not started on Day 1

boycottbpIf it was known that a relief well was the only solution that is 100% known to work, why was one not started on day 1 of the spill. We are now at Day 43. The work on a relief well has not even started as BP wastes time trying other stuff. If they would have started work on those on day 1 we would be nearing completion by now and if any of the failed attemts had worked, they could have just stopped work on the relief wells.

Is the Obama administration stupid? Is there not even one person on his team who thought of this?  For this one reason alone I would say that the Obama administration handled this disaster worse than Bush handled Katrina.

People are boycotting and buycotting Arizona in the thousands. I hope everybody just boycotts BP. They have a history of problems. Since the Alaska pipeline leak in  2006, America should have been investigating how to end their reliance on BP. At minimum they ahould have been watching BP more closely.

To add insult to injury, BP had another oil leak in its Alaskan pipeline a few days ago. No matter what the financial impact, the only responsible thing the government and everyone else can do is end all ties with BP. That may not be easy because BP is the largest supplier of fuel to the military but it is time to move on from the most reckless, irresponsible and harmful company on the planet to somebody else. Just boycott BP. This is one company that really company needs to die.

Investors, this is not a buy signal. The costs of this disaster are just begining. Two more months of oil leaks. Oil will hit other states. Lawsuits will pile on. BP has hard times ahead.

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