A Netbook (?) from Apple

I’ve been following the Apple “Back to Mac” event live on blogs and news sites and just saw the new 11.6″  Macbook Air. It is a small notebook and starts at $999 – which is the price of the current lowest end Macbook. So it meets my definition of netbook – a small and light notebook that is available in the price range of a low end laptop.

macbook air

I was disappointed that OS X Lion will come Summer 2011. That is a long way away. But the app store coming in 90 days is good news. If you’ve been following my Apple posts, I sold a third of my Apple stock when it reached $280 and I plan on selling another third at $375.

With the way Apple has been performing, I would say the stock is currently a buy but I’m uncomfortable with being so heavily invested in a single company. So I’m not adding to my Apple holdings anytime soon.

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