Barnes and Noble Doesn’t Get It

The original nook was a great response to the Kindle. It runs Android has a few apps and got hopes really high that it would be the open device that would drive innovation in eBooks. One year went by, BN did nothing to help developers make apps, made new versions that annoyed the nook hacking community for a few months. There was no app store, no developer friendliness, nothing. Let’s hope the next software release that is coming in November is better. The nook is a great device for reading but organizing books on it sucks. For a device that can store thousands of books, that is a very crucial feature.

Yesterday’s Color Nook launch just proves the point that Barnes and Noble just doesn’t get it at all. Us readers don’t want a 7″ tablet, an underpowered one at that with poor battery life at that. There are already lots of those floating around (Archos 70, Cheapo Kmart tablet, Cheapo Walgreens Tablet). We don’t want an LCD based reader either  – see failed ones – Pandigital Novel, Sharper Image Reader –  because thats not a reader, thats just a crappy tablet.

What the Color Nook should have been is something like the upcoming Delta Vivitek  eReader, which has a color eInk screen. Or if they couldn’t manage a color eInk or Mirasol, at the minimum the device should have had a Pixel Qi 3Qi screen.

The current nook is a disappointment and the market has shown that with the lack of reaction to the announcement.

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