Mobile Lawsuits and You

Motorola just filed a very important, in my opinion, lawsuit against Apple premtively defending itself from Apple patents. I think this is the kind of lawsuit that needs to be filed agains most companies regularly to try and get as many patents invalidated as possible. The current patent scenario in the mobile world is beyond ridiculous and in most other industries it is getting there. A lot of mostly worthless patents are being awarded for software some of which are not only obvious to people in the industry but to anyone else who uses phones and software.

Apple is suing HTC, Nokia (Phone tech patents)
Nokia is  suing Apple (Phone tech patents), Qualcomm (Anti-competitive practices, phone tech patents), Hitachi, Toshiba, LG, Sharp (LCD price fixing)
Qualcomm is suing Nokia (Phone tech patents)
Motorola is suing Apple (Phone tech patents)
RIM is suing Motorola (Anti-competitive practices, phone tech patents)
Microsoft is suing Motorola (software patents) (also successfully collects licensing from HTC on Android phones too!)
ELAN is suing Apple (multitouch)
Kodak is suing Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Apple, RIM (patents related to images)
Sony-Ericsson is suing Kodak (patents related to images)
Oracle is suing Google (java patents)
HTC is suing Apple (phone tech patents)

Here is an image from Informationisbeautiful about this:

What does this mean for us. Nothing at all. We get to enjoy new phones which are probably a few cents or dollars more expensive than they should be because some money that should have been exchanging hands between these tech companies is now going to lawyers. So far amongst all the parties sued for something other than price fixing, Google is the only one who has not sued anybody else. Maybe they are really not evil? Maybe since a lot of these lawsuits are being brought against Android providing manufacturers, they should start trying to invalidate worthless patents.

Disclosusre: Long AAPL, GOOG

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