Seeking Alpha Premium Program

I wrote a few articleSeeking Alpha Logos for Seeking Alpha a while ago including this very popular one about the impact of the iPhone 4 on AT&T, which got more views than anything on this blog – over 12,000. Recently I noticed that Seeking Alpha started paying contributors for exclusive content and I decided to check it out. This blog earns me almost nothing now. There was a time when this blog earned over a 100$/month but I got lax in keeping the content coming and following up with advertisers. That became kind of painful with iBookDB and my other blog at Anyway Seeking Alpha pays 10$/1000 pageviews which is pretty decent. With Adsense on this blog when I used to run it, I would get paid a lot less than that. So my iPhone article would have fetched 120$, not bad for maybe an hour of work. A lot more than my day job calculated hourly. Naturally that was a one off, my other articles had between 9 and 2000 views with an average of 2270 views per article. That makes it a lot less appealing. But I’m still going to give the premium program a try. The only catch is that the Premium program requires exclusive content so you wont see that stuff on this blog. I’ll link to my stuff though. If it really pays expect more regular content from me at seeking alpha and links to it here.

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