Why I’m Invested in Tesla and more articles on Seeking Alpha

I first got convinced to buy Apple stock when everyone around me was using a very expensive iPhone that had no 3G, no Apps, nothing. Similarly we (Parchayi and me) are invested in Tesla because no car in my life has caused so much excitement in buyers.

Here are some quotes from Tesla owners:

” It no longer makes sense to drive the Ferrari – the Tesla provides such a greater depth of satisfaction.”
” the P85 feels a LOT quicker than the Ferrari in the real world.”
“Our 911 C4 sits in the garage and nobody wants to drive it anymore. ”
“You might add a classic Corvette Stingray to the list. Now it just seems – Old Fashioned.”
“I sold my BMW M6 to[o] noisy to[o] primitive”
“Add another Porsche (1 yr old 991 CS Cab) to the list. Loved the car when i got it, but after the S, seriously wondering whether it should take up space in the garage. ”
“The Maranello sits in the garage with not even enough love to keep the battery charged.”
“I can’t remember what my Mercedes felt like and don’t care.”
“Add my BMW 550i and my TDI SUV to the list”
“But now my Pagoda seems less related to a Gullwing or an SLS or a Ferrari than they all seem related to Model Ts.”
“Can’t stand my CLK500 any more. ”
“I refuse to drive an ICE now”
“Add Ford Mustang a Shelby KR and a whole bevy of other high end Mustangs.”
“I literally just sold my 2005 911S yesterday.”
” I can also say goodbye to my Audi TTRS.”
“after the test drive I feel my Jaguar XKR obsolete”
“I still love Ferrari but not near as much as the Tesla.”
“I have a BMW 765i …. Used to love the feel of the V12, but now it’s nothing compared to the Tesla.”
” My BMW M6 is gathering dust in the garage.”
“I never hand wash my car until i got the Model S.”
“You can add an Aston Martin V8 Vantage to the list of ICE’s that have become second choice”

Now if that doesn’t convince one to buy into a car company, well here are some numbers for you in my SeekingAlpha Articles:

A Less Optimistic Look At Tesla Numbers (still makes for a great investment)

Tesla Sales: What you need to know before earnings (this is my optimistic look at Tesla)


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