More on Tesla: Customer Deposits, Greenness, Economics of the Gen III etc.

In the comments of many of my articles and others at Seeking Alpha, especially after last quarter’s results where Tesla delivered fewer cars in America, people question the continued growth of demand for Tesla’s cars. However most people ignore one of the best predictors of customer demand – Tesla’s customer deposits. Tesla reports these every quarter in their financials.

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Several articles on Seeking Alpha have so far cast doubts on the greenness of electrics, especially long range vehicles like the Tesla (TSLA) Model S.
So far, the cost discussions always involve the cost of purchasing vehicles. However, luxury vehicles are mostly leased with the lease penetration of high end luxury cars, like the BMW 7, being over 85%. Tesla doesn’t offer a traditional lease program, but by the time the Gen III vehicle from Tesla (a BMW 3 series size vehicle) arrives, chances are good that the company will offer a traditional lease program.

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