Misadventures in Dominion Virginia Power Solar Billing (Update: Fixed)

If you are following my solar posts, you know that our solar system is doing well and producing enough power for our bills to be negative in sunny months like now. Well, imagine my surprise when I suddenly get a bill of +$95 (on 7/8) instead of about -$40.

Then when I call to complain, they take the bill down and repost a new one with a balance of $240 (on 7/11)!!! Now the bill is so completely messed up that I can’t even begin to describe the nonsense going on.

So be warned. If you get on the solar purchase program where you need two meters, be prepared for some nasty shocks. I’ll keep this post updated with my time wasting battle to be billed correctly.

Update: 7/14 4:30PM: Dominion emailed me a copy of the final corrected bill and it is -30$. Also updated the original post with previous bill dates. I also discovered that Dominion twitter is very responsive.

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