Tesla’s New World’s Fastest 4 Door Sedan and Truth About 0-60 Times – $TSLA

As I write this Tesla stock is lower after the D announcement. My recommendation buy on dips like today.

Just to be clear about the performance of the car, to get 0-60 in 3.2s on the new Tesla, you put the car in “insane” mode and mash the pedal. And then scream and go wow at the autopilot.

Here is how you get advertised 0-60 times on a BMW M6 according to MotorTrend

“First, you need to place the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in manual mode. Then, you hit the little button below the shifter joystick twice to put the transmission into the fastest shift mode. Next, you hold the traction control button down for about 10 seconds to turn all the nannies off. Then you touch the brake pedal lightly with your left foot and with your right hand push the stick forward. Next, release the brake. Finally, you simultaneously jam the throttle to the floor (making sure to really jam it, as the BMW has a stupid detent about 90 percent of the way down that you have to kick through) and release the stick.”

Here is how you get advertised 0-60 times on a Porsche:

– Launch Control should only be used when the engine has reached operating temperature.
– “Sport Plus” mode must be switched on (indicator light on the button comes on and SPORT PLUS appears on the
digital speedometer or in the spoke of the steering wheel with shift paddles).
1. Press the brake with your left foot.
2. Quickly press the accelerator down fully (kickdown activated) and hold it.The engine speed will level off at around 4,500 rpm on the Panamera,at around 5,500 rpm on the Panamera 4“. Launch Control active” appears on the multi-function display.
3. Release the brake within a few seconds.Remaining stationary for a long time with “Launch Control active” can lead to overloading of the transmission.To protect the transmission, the engine power is then reduced and the “Launch Control active” process is cancelled.

Also what investors sometimes miss in Tesla’s announcements is that improvements are generally an over the air software update away. So if you buy a car with the autopilot hardware, the software will keep on improving and making the experience better, something sorely lacking at other manufacturers.

For more on my opinion on Tesla’s growth read my article at Teslarati – Projecting Tesla’s growth for the next 6-10 years.

Disclosure: Long TSLA

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