Stop Whining. Start Doing. Why 97% Of Us Are Hypocrites. #ParisAgreement

People are pissed off at the president for a lot of things, the most recent being quitting the Paris agreement. The image below is mathematical proof that most of us who are bothered by climate change are hypocrites.

Climate Change Hypocrisy

While some of the numbers are speculation (e.g. nobody has contacted their landlord or utility company asking them for renewable energy), most of the numbers are based on reality and here are some of the sources:

  1. Owners vs Renters
  2. Number of households with solar (the data is old but also counts commercial installs – I’ve assumed a much higher number to err on the side of caution)
  3. Number of green/renewable power subscribers through the utility – I assume that the number is similar to Dominion across the country. Dominion has 2.6 million customers and ~26,000 green power subscribers

A recent study by Google shows that nearly 80% of US buildings are suitable for solar. And even in a state like Virginia with no state incentives, solar is a great investment. In fact, it boggles my mind that the Dominion Solar Purchase program was not filled up the day it opened. Two years after I joined the tiny program, there was still more space for me to add my second system to the program.

I welcome better numbers to make my flowchart better like how many people have access to clean power through their utilities? How many landlords include utilities? Maybe there are less whiners and more doers. Maybe not. For now this is a good estimate.

So if you are reading this, stop whining and start doing and don’t wait for the government. There is no better way to tell your utility that you don’t want dirty power (or pipelines in your yard) than by buying or generating clean power and passing that message on.

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