Roaming Globally With Project Fi

Project Fi Welcome to Switzerland On our trip last month, we visited Iceland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. And Project Fi worked flawlessly everywhere. Every country we visited, we got this welcome message as Project Fi connected to local cellphone networks. It even connected in Liechtenstein as the train we were on passed through. Iceland is missing from my screenshots because I forgot to get one. Globally, data costs the same as in the US – 10$/GB. Calling US is 20c/min while abroad. Texting is free. We have been on Project Fi for over a year and have paid an average of 45$/month for both of us combined. That is roughly what we paid on Net10 individually, which was half of what we paid on Verizon before that.

So far Project Fi has been great. Cheap, coverage everywhere and good customer service.

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Project Fi Welcome to Germany
Project Fi Welcome to Liechtenstein

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