2019 Tesla US Market Share

I’ve been keeping track of Tesla’s market share in the US for a while. In 2018, Tesla had a 53% market share in plugin vehicles, 80% market share of pure electrics and closed in on the sales of the top luxury brands. In 2019, as Tesla expanded Model 3 sales internationally, it maintained constant total US sales:

With the introduction of the Model Y and Chinese deliveries happening from the new China factory this year, Tesla should be able to at least surpass Audi in 2020. Things were not so good for other plugins as Tesla increased market share to 58% in plugins and maintained 81% market share among electrics in spite of several hotly anticipated new additions such as the Audi eTron and Porsche Taycan. Neither of those managed to match any Tesla model in sales.

Data Sources: InsideEVs, GoodCarBadCar
Disclosure: Long TSLA

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