The Jack of Mangoes in the US

I can’t believe this is only my second post about mangoes. My last post about the topic talked about the king of mangoes – the Kent mango.

Keitt Mango
Keitt and Kent side by side

This one is about the Keitt mango – a delicious versatile mango. A couple of weeks ago I managed to find some really nice Keitt mangoes at Whole Foods. Great to cut and eat and great to juice. If you cut it slightly under-ripe, it has both a sweet and slightly sour taste at the same time.

Perfectly ripe, it can give the Kent mango a run for its money. You can juice it at any time. A combination of slightly underripe and perfectly ripe mango can give you just the right combination of sweet and sour but if you have a really sweet tooth, ripe and slightly overripe work too. The juice is really thick and may need a little water. In India, we are used to “eating” really thick mango juice with a spoon. How can you tell when it is ripe? You’ll just know from the delicious smell. The mango will tell you when it is ready to be cut. Wrinkles = overripe.

Juice from a single Keitt mango

Cutting and eating slightly overripe mangoes doesn’t taste as nice though. Mixing them in juice, totally ok. And, as you can see you get a lot of juice from a single mango. I had to put in a few tablespoons of water in this one. It was so thick, almost like a milkshake.

The next time you go shopping for mangoes, make sure to look at the variety and know what you are getting. Every mango is unique.

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