100 Books in 2021 Challenge – 8 Books a Month – September Update

Here are the books we read in September:

In September, our pace slowed down a little. We continued reading Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and Alex Rider. I read an adult novel after what feels like forever.

Our totals for the year:
Ahan: 65
Sidd: 59

Part of the reason our pace slowed down is that both of us picked up writing our novels. The plan was to start them after our reading challenge was done. I’ve added progress bars in the side column showing our progress that I will update monthly. Ahan’s goal is a 60,000-word novel, mine is a 120,000-word novel.

Ahan also got more serious about art. Here are his latest creations:

He also has a Youtube channel now:

Maybe it is time to reduce our 8 books per month goal. We’ll see how it goes next month.

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