Food In Morocco

Everything in Morocco moves at a relaxed pace. Especially food. This means everything is prepared from scratch always. Doesn’t matter if you’re at a restaurant, a street stall, or glamping in the middle of the desert. Most places seemed to buy ingredients on the same day and would often run out. On Fridays when many stores are closed, what you could get at some places was limited to the ingredients they could find.


Breakfast was included at most places we stayed. It generally involved these same things every day: a semolina cake, a naan-like flatbread, a salty pancake, cake, fried eggs, and bread. One day I had that steamed omelet instead of a fried egg.

Lunch and Dinner

The main dish in Moroccan food every day was tajine. The only other Moroccan entree I had was Pastilla – like a Moroccan calzone. We did a cooking class one night and learned that the spices used in making tajine are basically similar to Indian food but you use a lot less. I generally asked for harissa on the side and that is a must. Different places have different kinds of harissa and they are generally delicious. Food is generally served with good bread and olives. If you’ve only eaten bread in the USA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good the bread is.

While tajine was delicious, having it three times in a row was a bit much and the next most popular food served everywhere seems to be Pizza. Some days we just had to hunt for international food. However, that was hard to find.


Sweets aren’t commonly served or eaten in Morocco. They’re reserved for occasions. But we did manage to find a few interesting ones. Generally, fruits are served for dessert.


Here are some breads not captured before.

Juices & Fruits

I saved the best for last. Orange and pomegranate juice stalls are everywhere. Juice is super cheap and even offered as an option as the drink at Mcdonald’s. Bigger stalls and restaurants even have more interesting juice “cocktails” (not alcoholic). If you do see a cactus stand on the road, you have to try one.

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