Stocks/Funds I Follow

Here are some stocks and Funds I follow because I own some in real life and some in my mimf contest portfolio:

The other funds I own are index funds so they need no real following. If I find anything worthwhile to report that has already not been beated to death in the news and other blogs/sites, I will post that here.

Today’s report deals with IFN. The indian stock market saw its biggest one day fall ever. The BSE fell 826 points (6.76%) and the NSE fell 246 points (-6.77%). This probably shouldn’t be a surprise considering the ridiculous pace of gains in the market this year. The markets are still up over 20% YTD despite yesterdays fall. As the market gained over the last one year, so did IFN with premiums generally over 20% of NAV. At the begining of the year these were near 30%. So far IFN is up more than 35% YTD inspite of its 15% fall in the last week. I consider IFN a great buy at current prices, though beware if you dislike high volatility, and am looking forward to the announcements of the details of its upcoming rights offering. Since IFN trades at a significant premium, the fund is also worth buying now, just for getting more shares cheaply from the rights offer.

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  1. Ed says:

    Thanks for the data —
    More: Gates sells stake in India Fund
    Microsoft chief and software czar Bill Gates’ charity organisation has offloaded its entire stake valued at nearly $23.1 million (over Rs 100 crore) in an India-specific investment fund, according to a regulatory filing made in Washington on Tuesday.

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