The Best Credit Card Rewards Programs

At one time I had about 15 or so different credit cards from major banks offering all kinds of rewards including points, cashback, miles etc. Personally I have a lot of miles, and I’m not interested in getting miles from credit cards. Also most credit cards that offer miles are not great unless they have some kind of annual fee (Note: I have not used the much advertised Capital One card so I cannot comment on that).

So today I will feature the best reward programs that have nothing to do with miles. The first card is Citibank Dividend Platinum Select, which offers full 5% cash back on groceries, gas and pharmacy purchases and 1% on everything else (annual limit 300$).

The Chase Cash Plus Rewards card also offers the same benefits as Citibank Dividend Platinum Select.

The next is HSBC Cash Back Platinum. This card offers 1% cash back on everything you spend in a year upto 2500$, 2% cash back on your purchases from 2500$-5000$ and 5% on all purchases beyond that. I haven’t found this card mentioned on the HSBC Credit Cards website however.

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