INP Again, My Portfolio Analysis

IndiaA few days ago, I opened a position in INP (Barclays Bank Zero Cpn ETN(ITR) – see my previous post on INP) increasing Parchayi and my investment in India to 16% of our total investments.

WorldA breakdown of our portfolio (including all stocks and mutual funds) shows 98% investment in stocks, 2% in bonds (via some mutual fund). Of the stocks 61% are US and 39% International. Of the International Stock 60% is in Emerging Markets and 40% in Developed Markets. Currently my target for our portfolio is 50/50 US/International and 60/40 Emerging/Developed so we are off the target portfolio as far as US/International goes, but my international part is exactly on target, by co-incidence more than design. About 28% of our portfolio is in individual stocks and the rest is in mutual funds/etfs.

As an investor it is always nice to have a target asset allocation and periodically check how far off you are. I have shown my breakdown by market but it is also nice to have a breakdown by cap, sector etc. to make sure that the portfolio is properly diversified. For example I realized that our portfolio is heavily weighted towards large cap stocks. So my next order of business is to increase mid-cap holdings. Our individual stock holdings are all in different sectors and the funds we own are mostly index funds that are not sector targetted.

It is a simple task to get all this information and it took me less than 5 minutes to get this information from different accounts.

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