Jim Cramer vs. Cosmo Kramer

I have read/heard several bad reviews of investing based on Jim Cramer’s recommendations in Mad Money. This reminded me of Seinfeld and following Kramer’s advice πŸ™‚ – which he had plenty to offer. Anyway, so I was hunting for sites that follow Cramer’s picks and came across this – Cramerwatch.org – Cramer vs. Leonard the Wonder Monkey (‘We record his Lightning Round recommendations as he makes them on TV, and then we have our monkey make recomendations at random on the same stocks. We then wait 30 days, and see who came out on top.‘). So Cramers recommendations are basically of no real use over 30 days.

Some more research reveals that somebody even wrote a paper on the effect Cramer has on individual stocks. In case you are interested in doing your own research, TheStreet.com tracks all the stocks Cramer mentions – it is his website after all. All I have to say is, finally do your own research before investing your money. Cramer and everyone else who gives you any recommendations is just a starting point for doing your own homework.

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