Blogging *My* Way to Financial Goals

In a previous post Blogging Your Way To Financial Discipline, I mentioned the use of public blogging as means to stay on track towards financial goals. I also said that when I get the time, I will make graphs on the side with my progress – well, I made them a few days back and now I just updated them. I will try to keep them updated every month.

Now When I get the time I will post my portfolio returns for each year. My 2006 returns – 22% (for IRA + Taxable account at Scottrade – includes the stocks/funds shown on the Yahoo! Finance badge on the right, MDY and IJR) and 2005 returns – 33% (same accounts, fewer holdings). Fingers crossed for 2007.

1 thought on “Blogging *My* Way to Financial Goals

  1. ExecutiveOpinion says:

    I have stumbled upon so many personal finance blogs today. Quite a few that are goal oriented like yours. I am now inspired to tackle that 900 pound gorilla and start paying attention.

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