Financial Hindsight..

Looking back into the last five years, there are several things I could have done sooner and been slightly better off financially. The first is buying my house sooner. If I would have bought the house in 2003 instead of 2005, it’s value would have gained 40% in the two years, my mortgage would have been lower and I would be saving more now.

The other simpler thing I could have done is started contributing to my 403 (equivalent of 401) earlier. I started one year after I started working, thanks to procrastination. However being a university employee, I didn’t miss too much because the university still contributed to the state pension plan and their match for the 403 is dismal anyway.

I opened a Roth IRA before I started contributing the 403, however I could have opened it sooner.

If you are reading this blog and haven’t started contributing to your 401, start now. Don’t miss out on free money.

1 thought on “Financial Hindsight..

  1. scratchdisk says:

    don’t kick yourself on the housing thing. it was an unnatural situation and housing prices are correcting themselves now. It is basically the equivalent of the .com stocks in the late 90s, but i don think they will crash as hard.

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