Is the Do Not Call Registry any good?

Everyday I get phone calls from “Unknown Name”s with phone numbers that are fake. What good is the Do Not Call registry if people can call you with fake phone numbers and not be held accountable with no means of finding who called? If I pickup, I generally get some sort of automated message and if I get a human once in a while, they refuse to provide a business name or a call back number and hang up if you press them for it. If I don’t pickup, the answering machine picks up and the message left is blank.

The only real company that I used to get phone calls were is random people trying to sell me DISH Network (even though I already had Dish at the time). I could never extract a business name or number from any of these either. Most of them would hang up if I asked about what Dish location they work for, a direct number to call them and if they actually work for Dish (which they claim to do) and a means to verify that they do. These have stopped now. Maybe DISH got a lot of complaints about this?

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