MSI Wind XP MSRP only $499

MSI Wind U100-432US Black 10.0

The MSI wind now has an official site and an official price of only $499 making it cheaper than the EEEPC 900!! Still no sites have it listed except Expansys UK, which is charging over $600 for it. I’m waiting for it to show up on NewEgg or Amazon so I can order it as soon as it is available.

It’s a shame the cheaper $399 linux version has no Bluetooth and a smaller 3 cell battery forcing me to buy the XP version. but well with an 80GB drive, I can probably dual boot the thing.

Update 10AM ET 06/03: MSI Wind now available at MWave but specifications do not match MSI site.
Update Noon ET 06/03: Out of Stock Already at MWave. It seems that they never had any stock to start with. At least now the specifications have been corrected. Be warned that MWave requires that you fax them an ID and your credit card front and back. This is ridiculous and very unsafe. I do not recommend buying from these folks.
Update 11AM 06/09: Amazon listed the MSI Wind on Friday. They stated a price of $549 for the XP version and had a 3 cell battery listed and were taking preorders. Now Amazon is no longer taking pre-orders and no price is mentioned.
Update 11AM 06/09: Hand Built – an unknown newcomer site has listed the MSI Wind for sale at 499 + 10$ UPS ground shipping. And many users of an MSI WInd forum I visit have placed orders there.

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