Google Chrome First Impressions

I just installed Chrome and really like it! It is simple maximizes, screen real estate – no title bar, no status bar, no menus. Just tabs at the top, followed by an address/search bar followed by the webpage. The other thing I noticed was the speed. Chrome is just blindingly fast. It’s even faster than Opera! (don’t talk to me about Safari on Windows because that is just crap with ugly blurry fonts and mismatched macy interface – nope I refuse to use that piece of junk)

However there are some things left to be desired. Mouse gestures would be nice. I have strokeit installed and basic gestures like back and forward work but new tab etc. would be nice. Also, the search/address bar needs to be more intuitive like Opera, which tries to go to if you enter a single word and searches if you enter multiple words. Also some sort of progress bar would be nice. Multi monitor support would be nice too (the missing title bar confuses the nvidia driver and the multi-monitor options do not show up).

Next thing that would be nice is a linux version, Opera on linux is very buggy and chrome would be welcome. I’m going to try it later in wine and see how that turns out.

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