Car Seat cont’d

SALE!! Recaro Signo Style Car Seat In Midnight Desert Finally went to Babies’R’Us and looked at the car seats. As far as looks go they mostly looked identical and other than the black seats they are all mostly ugly. Also between my last post and now, we found one more contender – The Recaro Signo. This one seems to have equal or better specs than the Evenflo Symphony and the First Years True Fit, which were my top contenders. Also it looks better than those too so Parchayi is all for this one. Unfortunately this is not in local stores so we can’t look at it in person but I’m now tired of looking at seats and strollers so this one is it! It is more expensive than the True Fit and the Symphony but for something that will last as long, whats an extra $50?

If you don’t care about color, The Signo is cheaper than Amazon at Tinyride with free shipping, no tax nationwide.

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