Samsung Delve from Alltel Review

Samsung Delve™  (Alltel)

The first impression of this phone is great. It looks great – thin, sleek touchscreen, very responsive one at that but its drawbacks far outweigh it’s advantages.

The first Delve that we got had a bad battery which fully discharged in about 5 hours. So we returned that and got a new one. Alltel forces you to get a smartphone plan with the Delve but they admit that it is not really a smartphone. It does have some smartphone features like a full browser, GPS etc. but it is extemely limited in what it can do. Also it doesn’t use a standard usb charger!!

Browser: The browser on the Delve is Obigo, which is nice because most websites work well on it – notable exceptions are Facebook (not the mobile facebook). There is no Flash but then Flash on mobile phones is rare. Obigo is decent but is nowhere near Opera on my HTC Touch Pro (another post about this fantastic browser).

Apps: It is not possible to install any apps on this phone except the ones that Alltel gives you (Alltel Nav, Nutsie etc.). The browser will allow you to download all kinds of files but you cannot browse for or open those files. The phone only lets you browse media files (images and music). You can’t even delete other types of downloaded files form the phone memory. Alltel tech support recommends restting the phone if the memory gets full. I even tried getting the Samsung software that connects to Samsung phones but the Delve is not supported.

GPS: Forum discussions claim that Alltel Nav is free with the Delve but I confirmed from our business rep, two store reps, one customer service rep and two advanced tech support reps at Alltel that it is only free for a month. Anyway as a Nav program Alltel Nav is nice – it speaks street names and checks traffic. But I was pissed off that I couldn’t install my own GPS app.

Ringtones: The phone plays mp3 files but you cannot use them as ringtones. You can convert low quality mono files to the file format of the ringtones of the Delve and copy them over but it was such a PITA (the software is nearly impossible to find and you need more software too to convert your files to low quality WAVs) that it is totally not worth the effort.

Camera: AFAIR the Delve has a 2MP camera. It has no flash.

Touch: The touchscreen itself is very responsive and was easy to use and everything was clearly laid out.

The main stuff:Call quality was good and battery life was also good on the replacement phone.

Summary:This phone would have been great if it wasn’t crippled and Samsung/Alltel would let you install stuff on it because the hardware is capable. But as such this is just a basic phone with a browser and some fancy touch stuff with which you can’t really do much. The phone is totally not worth it if you are considering a smartphone plan and I really cannot recommend this phone. Parchayi returned her Delve and replaced it with a Blackberry Curve 8830 which she is very happy with.

7 thoughts on “Samsung Delve from Alltel Review

  1. Derek says:

    I downloaded wallpaper to my Delve and it say u have to save it on the phone but i dont know where a save button is on the browser !

  2. Sidd says:

    We gave the Delve back so I can’t help you with that. It was just too limited to pay for a data plan with that phone. I got the HTC Touch Pro which is fantastic 🙂

  3. CAT says:

    Boooooo Alltel, Booooo Samsung, Booooo Samsung/Altell Incentive Program – fail, fail, fail. This phone is horrible. Battery life is half a day IF you are lucky. Every time you go to use it, it will lock-up making you wait for about 40secs before it catches up, especially when trying to type in text. Good luck getting a anything but 2 bar signal into this tuurd. !!!!WORST PHONE I EVER BOUGHT, TOUCHED or LOOKED AT IN 13 YEARS!!!!!! Alltel service is worthless and the rebate is a freaking JOKE. Mail in your stuff and get back excuses as to why they can’t fufill thier side of the deal, from we didn’t get all the info, we can’t verify your account, we never recieved it, until ooops – sorry you didn’t submit in-time. $100 rebate and $150 in free acessories = 0 recieved and wasted money on a severly crippled phone you then cannot return because you “attempted” to “apply” (yet failed) to get a promised rebate. Out $300 clams and shafted by the man, that’s what you get with this worthless phone from a crummy manufacturer being pushed by a criminal supplier.

  4. Chris says:

    I have to agree on the overall THUMBS DOWN for this phone. It looks and works great but the browser sucks and I was not told this was not a smart phone until I already opened a new contract for it. As soon as I heard SmartPlan they had me. lol Alltel is a very deceiving company, I sure hope when Verizon takes over some things change, for the better that is. I had rebate trouble as well, mine was called “invalid” because I printed the the wrong rebate sheet even though it was exactly the same as the correct one, I choose “bought delve on or before April 9th” instead of “bought delve on April 10th or after.” like I should of. The rebate itself was also deceiving. Thankfully my sales lady credited my account the $100 but all these free extras I’ve be hearing others have been getting with their delve I have not seen. AND, when I decided to add $30 a month to my plan for using my delve as a modem for my pc, my sales lady told me the delve was not capable of this, so I added a new line and bought the cheapest modem capable cell a motorola w315. So I had my 69.99 SmartChoice(bad choice) 500 but no free texts and only 5 my circle numbers. An extra $30 for modem capabilities and another $20 a month for additional line, and the $49.99 for the delve after the rebate debacle, and another $50 for the motorola. Turns out, THE DELVE IS MODEM CAPABLE!!! Yet the sales lady didn’t know it. Now, I’m stuck with a second line for 2 years, an extra fricking phone I don’t need! Now she gave me some BS about if I hadn’t ended another additional line I had last early, Alltel would of allowed me to cancel this new added line that I ONLY ASKED FOR because my Alltel rep screwed me into thinking my delve was not modem capable. UUUGHGHHHHH!! We’ll see how bad Verizon is with ripping off people, I was actually debating just getting a new carrier and REAL smartphone setup then just paying the “get out early” fees and end it with Alltel already, but I’ll wait to see if Verizon will bring in any morals that Alltel obviously is missing. VERY ANGRY. I have been an Alltel customer for over 4 years and they f-ed me again. lol

  5. Sidd says:

    I’m sure if you call customer service again you’ll find somebody who can help you. I have always found Alltel customer service to be fantastic.

  6. Sarah says:

    i just bought a samsung delve off of ebay and when i went to the alltel store they told me that I didn’t need the smartplan contract but then the only thing i would be able to do is make phone calls and text but I don’t think the price i paid for is worth just that!! I agree, alltel is just trying to get money and sure hope verizon can change some things!! =(

  7. Alex says:

    i got the delve from my nana. it had no service, so i got it hooked up at a place called prepaidzone. it was only $55 a month and it has unlimited everything. prepaidzone can hook up any verizon or alltel phone and has great plans.

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