Storkcraft Recall

Update 03/11 After waiting on the phone half an hour yesterday, I got through to customer service and today got this email

Thank you for contacting the Stork Craft Recall Team.
You request is being processed and the replacement brackets will be shipped on the first come first served basis. Please allow several business days for your shipment to be prepared and released from our warehouse.
Your shipment will arrive via FEDEX carrier service.

We have a Storkcraft crib which was recalled and have nothing from Storkcraft after filling out their online form. No confirmation, no parts. Also calling the company is useless because it is just an endless wait.

It seems that I’m not the only one facing this issue as you can see from the following blog posts:
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Maybe I should just return the crib to Walmart?

2 thoughts on “Storkcraft Recall

  1. Judy says:

    Storkcraft replacement crib brackets. We bought a strokcraft crib through Walmart. One week later Storkcraft recalled the crib brackets. After several months of waiting for the wood replacement parts due to the damage of the shipping of the crib, we returned the crib to Walmart for a refund. Then several days later, we received separately two sets of the recalled crib brackets which hold up the platform board for the mattress. If you are still waiting for the replacement brackets to be sent to you from Storkcraft, you can contact us and have one of these sets. Just pay the postage-the package states 1.5 lbs-we have not opened the package and will be glad to send it directly to you.

  2. Sidd says:

    Thanks for the offer. Our baby doesn’t yet sleep in his crib. So we’ll wait for Storkcraft to send them to us. Thanks for the offer and if we still don’t get them in a few weeks I’ll let you know.

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