Intel, Google and More Tech Earnings Reports. Good or Bad?

Intel LogoIntel and Google, both companies that I own stock in, both recently reporting. Intel reported spectacular results on Tuesday (as compared to analyst estimates and the previous quarter, still below last years results). Intel also upped it’s guidance. Positive news from Intel lifted the market up.

google-logoGoogle was the next to report and even though Google made it’s biggest profit ever, growth was the slowest ever. Google also had some fewer employees than last year. Also Google’s profit was more a result of shaving off expenses and not from increasing revenues. This was a disappointment that dragged Google stock slightly lower.

Apple (I own and the stock is finally approaching my average buying price), Microsoft (don’t own) report next week. Positive earnings are expected from Apple and the stock is hitting new 52 week highs. Micrsoft, not so much even though Windows 7 might cause an upgrade cycle.

In any case, some good some bad, overall the picture is neither good nor bad. Just so so. Personally my expectations are for tech stocks in general to be sideways or slowly go upwards. I have been wrong before and I probably wil be wrong again but I just don’t have very high expectations in the near future from the market overall. Next year might bring some better news?

1 thought on “Intel, Google and More Tech Earnings Reports. Good or Bad?

  1. F. Rencontres says:

    I think now is the time to invest in Microsoft. Windows 7 is out soon , also after the news about Google Chrome , from Microsoft would give their best not to loose any customers. Im sure it would be a profitable year.

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