Miscrosoft Miss

microsoft_logo Looks like I’m Posting a lot about Microsoft lately. Miscrosoft missed analyst estimates and revenues were down 17% and earnings down more than 1.2 billion$ (yes that is billion) as compared to last year.

Maybe Vista is to blame, maybe the bad economy though Intel’s results would indicate otherwise. Every few weeks I hear about something new from Google. I just got invited to Google Voice and recently discovered Google Wave. The only thing new and exciting I’ve heard from MS in the online front is Bing. I did make a post a few weeks back criticizing Microsoft but they did one good thing. Released the Win 7 beta for everyone to try and also establish that it really is not as bad as Vista.

In related news, Amazon posted bad results too. MSFT + AMZN both posting bad results is driving the markets down today but the Dow is still over 9000. A few more bad earnings and we might fall below 9000 once again. A few more good earning and we might stay above for a few months.

If you are looking at investing in one of Amazon or Microsoft after they fall today, my pick would be Amazon.

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    Hey dude, just stumbled on your blog. Greetings from California! Hope you can follow mine. I was just in Mumbai last November before the terrorist attacks and really enjoyed my time there!


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