Quotes from Blockbuster Customer Service

I have more than 100 “Available” movies in my queue and here is what CS says in an email

Since you have fewer than 10 “Available” movies in queue, we may wait an extra day or two to ensure we’re always shipping the titles you want most.

To ensure consistency in shipping, we recommend keeping 10 or more available movies in your Queue. You can also set your preferences for shipments based on speed vs. Queue order. Go to My Account; Manage Account Settings; and choose Speed vs. Queue ship preferences. We’ll ship your next movies within 1 to 2 business days once your queue meets our recommendation

While Netflix has started shipping on Saturdays, Blockbuster has mostly stopped shipping on Mondays. In my experience, if I return all three movies on Friday/Saturday, one may or may not ship on Monday, one or two ship on Tuesday and one ships even later. I’ll update in future posts if selecting “Speed” changes this stupidity.

If an item is checked in on a weekend (including Friday) the next expected business day for a new shipment would fall on the following Tuesday with limited shipments on Monday.

To ensure consistent, prompt shipments please keep 15 or more “available” titles at the top of your queue.

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