Year of the Tech Stock?

The Nasdaq is up almost 50% this year while the Dow is up almost 20%. Tech stocks are reporting stellar earnings with Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google amongst others all beating estimates.

If the trend continues, 2009 will really be the year of the tech stock. And it isn’t even really that much of a bubble. Many tech stocks have non stellar P/Es. They are still higher than the S&P average but maybe justified considering the performance. INTC had a dismal last year which drove it’s trailing P/E to around 50. But now it seems to be back on track and has a forward P/E of only 13.5! Google has a forward P/E of about 24, Apple about 26. Amazon has the highest amongst the P/E ratios at 46 but as long as the recession continues, Amazon will probably continue to beat expectations as more shoppers turn to online shopping for more items., my new favorite destination for online shopping with free site to store shipping and prices that often beat Amazon, even after tax and the simplicity of returning to store, great customer service also can’t seem to affect the Amazon juggernaut much.

Windows 7  is selling like hot cakes and if Windows Mobile 7 is even a thousandth as successful as Windows 7, we should see Microsoft making some headway into the Mobile market. Really the best phones are either running Android or Windows Mobile and the current iPhone has nothing on them except the App Store. Expect both Android and WinMo to catch up quickly.

What can I say, if you can stomach the risk, wait for the excitement of  the current quarter die out and get some tech stock for yourself during holiday season.

Disclaimer: Parchayi and me own AAPL, INTC and GOOG stock.

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