Why TV Manufacturers should be worried about an Apple TV

Samsung claims that it is not worried about Apple TV because they have the best display quality and that is what TV buyers want in their TV. I say bah humbug. Display quality was good enough 5 years ago. All that has been happening on the TV front is slimmer TVs and lower power consumption (and 3D gimmickry). The place where TVs are lacking are in User Experience. I don’t have a newer Samsung “SMART TV” but my Samsung Home Theater has the most piss poor user interface possible. I tried one time to play music off the network and I will never repeat that torture again. So to sell well all an Apple TV needs to have is a great User Experience. I’m sure any display they find (from LG or Sharp or whoever) will be good enough.

TV manufacturers really need to up their game. Maybe Google TV is a solution? Maybe they need to license Boxee or Roku software? But they need to do something. Maybe this will turn out to be a rehash of the Android-iOS battle. Lawyers will be happy. Microsoft might rake in another billion for doing nothing. If Apple really comes up with a TV soon, trouble is brewing for almost everyone else who makes TVs (ala RIMM and Nokia).

Disclaimer: Long GOOG, AAPL. Considering opening positions in MSFT or NOK at the right price. Wishing I could buy Samsung stock directly as opposed to having it in fund holdings like EWY.

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