Blob Attack 2.0 – Learning to Use a JavaScript Game Engine With My Son

I’ve been trying to teach my son how to code. Here is some history on our projects so far if you just happened to stumble upon this post.

A few weeks ago we were at a point where we were reaching the limits of what we can do moving HTML div’s around without things getting overly complicated. Wanting to build something better, we decided to rebuild Blob Attack using a real game engine.

After a lot of Googling, I settled on using Phaser. This will be my first time using a game engine and hopefully something that will get my son a little bit more into code.

After a few days of coding, a few weeks in actual time, my son likes using Phaser. He asks to do code every few days, without my prompting! The hard parts are taken care of by Phaser and it had been rewarding for him to see features working pretty quickly and less “glitchy” than before.

It only took hours to implement collisions and lasers as compared to days. Here is the state of Blob Attack 2 so far.

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