Electric Vehicle and Tesla Market Share Update

Tesla recently provided this very interesting chart of market share of the Model 3 vs other luxury sedans. Basically Tesla is outselling everyone combined as it delivers cars to the hundreds of thousands of reservation holders:

This is only going to get worse over the next few months as Tesla clears its backlog before things stabilize. Here are how things look for Tesla market share when compared to other plugins:

(Data from InsideEvs. Where July data is not yet reported, I assumed sales same as June)

Here is what the breakdown roughly looks like by Company:

After this is it even worthwhile to report market share? Tesla is basically going to own this market for the foreseeable future. If you haven’t read it yet, here is my review of the Model 3. Basically there is no excuse to buy any other premium sedan or similarly priced plugin. They are all obsolete IMHO.

As for overall plugin sales, here is how fast they are growing. Trailing 12 Month (TTM) sales are used to smooth out the graph:

The Model 3 is singlehandedly responsible for the steepening of the curve in the last few months and it should get steeper for the next few months before stabilizing. As such, in my opinion, plugin market share should continue to grow despiteĀ government interference. Electric vehicles in particular. Electric vehicles made 68% of the plugin market in July, up from 52% last July and 60% last month. I’m looking forward to our electric future.

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