Tesla Sales Cross Audi in August. Model 3 Enters Top 5 cars.

As predicted last month, Tesla outsold Audi in August:

Tesla Sales Cross Audi in August. Model 3 Enters Top 5 cars.

And it looks like Mercedes and BMW are next. Most of this is thanks to the Model 3 which outsold all the competition from all brands significantly, not just the Germans.

(Chart Credit: Vladimir Grinshpun)

Here is a comparison with BMW, Mercedes and Audi vehicles in the same segment over the last year:

Model 3 vs German Competitors

Here is what is happening to BMW and Mercedes in the compact luxury sedan segment:

BMW 3 Series Sales

Mercedes C Class

The 3 Series sales are at a low point and growth has been negative for several years. Mercedes C Class sales growth has also been flat to negative for a while.

Last month, compared to all passenger vehicles, the Model 3 moved up from number 7 to number 5:

Model July 2018
Toyota Corolla Family 26,754
Honda Civic 26,311
Toyota Camry 26,311
Honda Accord 24,927
Nissan Sentra 19,362
Nissan Altima 16,015
Tesla Model 3 14,250


Model August 2018
Toyota Camry 30,141
Honda Civic 27,677
Honda Accord 26,725
Toyota Corolla Family 26,155
Tesla Model 3 17,800

Is the Model 3 muscling itself into Camry and Accord sales? Camry sales were down 22% YoY and Accord sales were down 19% YoY for July. They were down 19% and 11% respectively for August and 5% and 14% year to date compared to 2017.

Tesla also sold more cars than the combined monthly plugin sales of everyone else ever in US sales history. Yes you read that right. All manufacturers except Tesla combined have never sold as many plugins in a month as Tesla sold in August.

All data is sourced from InsideEVs and GoodCarBadCar.

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