Innsbruck, Austria – My Favorite Little City In Europe

In our last trip to Europe in July, we spent a day in Innsbruck, Austria. Surprisingly it turned out to be everyone’s favorite destination during the trip and I wish we had allocated more time here. There is a lot to see and do in Innsbruck and a day is just not enough. Also, Innsbruck is one of those places where the City card is worth the money.

The Tyrolean alps are visible from everywhere. The city is along the banks of the Inn river and very walk/bike friendly:

There are several cable cars talking you up into the alps and we went up the longest, the Nordkette. Here are some views looking down from various stops along the way and from the top:

Old historic, charming and well kept buildings and museums are everywhere. Here are some pictures from the Innsbruck City Tower, which was built in 1450!

Here are some more pictures form Innsbruck:

Tip: If you take the Hop-on Hop-off bus in Innsbruck, sit on the right side for better photo opportunities. Also listen to the Children’s version of the audio.

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