Just got back from Montreal, Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls and here is the food we ate everywhere. The most important part of a Gujarati’s vacation:


Canadian Food

Beavertails at Queues de Castor and Poutine at Maison Smokies – a food truck in Old Port, Montreal:

Review: Both things were delicious. See how my son couldn’t even resist a bite of that Beavertail before I could take a photo.

Chinese Food

Lunch at Chez Chili and Dragon’s Beard at a street stall in Montreal Chinatown:

Review: Ma Po Tofu was very good. Rest was ok. Nowhere near as nice as Peter Chang here in Chartlottesville.

South Indian Food

Madras Curry House:

Review: Decent but nothing spectacular.


Indian Food

Lunch Buffet at BBQ Tandoori:

Review: Just ok.


Pho Hut in downtown Gananoque:

Review: Spectacular


Courtesy grillmaster Parchayi:

Niagara Falls


IHOP at the Tower Hotel

Review: The view was worth it to pay 150% more (yes you read that right and I didn’t make a mistake) for IHOP. They were also honest and warned about “Premium Pricing” before you decide to step into the elevator to the 25th/26th floors that are occupied by IHOP and even mention other locations without the premium pricing.


Papa Korea

Review: Ok, not as good as Maru, here in Cville


South Indian

Nellai Banana Leaf near Buffalo Airport:

Review: Ok, food pictured better than it tasted.

Back in Virginia

Punjabi Style inside Lotte in Centreville

Review: Best Indian food of the trip. Enough to make my son walk over and tell the guy at the counter that the food is great.

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