Canada Vacation Foooooooood……. Montreal, 1000 Islands, Niagara Falls

Just got back from Montreal, Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls and here is the food we ate everywhere. The most important part of a Gujarati’s vacation:


Canadian Food

Beavertails at Queues de Castor and Poutine at Maison Smokies – a food truck in Old Port, Montreal:

Review: Both things were delicious. See how my son couldn’t even resist a bite of that Beavertail before I could take a photo.

Chinese Food

Lunch at Chez Chili and Dragon’s Beard at a street stall in Montreal Chinatown:

Review: Ma Po Tofu was very good. Rest was ok. Nowhere near as nice as Peter Chang here in Chartlottesville.

South Indian Food

Madras Curry House:

Review: Decent but nothing spectacular.


Indian Food

Lunch Buffet at BBQ Tandoori:

Review: Just ok.


Pho Hut in downtown Gananoque:

Review: Spectacular


Courtesy grillmaster Parchayi:

Niagara Falls


IHOP at the Tower Hotel

Review: The view was worth it to pay 150% more (yes you read that right and I didn’t make a mistake) for IHOP. They were also honest and warned about “Premium Pricing” before you decide to step into the elevator to the 25th/26th floors that are occupied by IHOP and even mention other locations without the premium pricing.


Papa Korea

Review: Ok, not as good as Maru, here in Cville


South Indian

Nellai Banana Leaf near Buffalo Airport:

Review: Ok, food pictured better than it tasted.

Back in Virginia

Punjabi Style inside Lotte in Centreville

Review: Best Indian food of the trip. Enough to make my son walk over and tell the guy at the counter that the food is great.

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