100 Books in 2021 Challenge – 8 Books a Month – March Update

Here are the books we read in March:

Three Investigators
1. Purple Pirate
2. Missing Mermaid
3. Death Trap Mine
4. Smashing Glass
5. Wrecker’s Rock
6. Rogue’s Reunion
7. Creepshow Crooks
Three Investigators
1. Kidnapped Whale
2. Missing Mermaid
3. Smashing Glass

Carl Hiaasen
1. Squeeze Me

A. A. Fair (Erle Stanley Gardner)
1. Owls Don’t Blink

Ellery Queen
1. House of Brass
1. Greek Coffin Mystery

This month both of us missed our targets. Ahan is nearly done with his 8th book but I haven’t yet started mine. I did switch to reading adult books though.

If you haven’t joined our challenge yet, it is just 8 books a month! You can do it. Adding up our books read in the last two months, Ahan is at 25 books, I’m at 20. Let’s see if we can keep this up for the rest of the year.

Ellery Queen

I’ve stayed disciplined about “leaving work”, aka shutting the laptop lid, at 5pm and pretending to use my commute time to read.

If you’ve joined our challenge, please post updates and as usual, book suggestions are welcome!

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