100 Books in 2021 + Novel Progress

Here are the books we read in November and December:

Our totals for the year:
Ahan: 73
Sidd: 67

We started the year with the goal to read 100 books with an average length of 200 pages. However, most of the books we read were much longer. Maybe we did reach our page goal. If I get the chance at some point, I’ll tally that up. Right now, I need to get back to writing.

In November, we slowed down the reading challenge significantly as we increased our pace of novel writing for NanoWrimo. Since NanoWrimo, we’ve kept up the pace of our writing. We’ve set similarly ambitious goals for writing as we did for reading and here’s how we’re doing compared to our goals:

November turned out to be a busy month with two trips, one to the Virginia Creeper Trail and a week-long visit with family for Thanksgiving. We kept up the writing through all that. Our goal is to complete first drafts by the end of January.

My book is a paranormal tech thriller. Ahan’s is a YA superhero novel. If you want to read the first drafts when we are done, please reach out.

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