Want to Read My Tech Thriller Ghost Revenge Novel? #AmQuerying

Finally, I’ve finished the first draft of my novel – The Beginning of My End – a tech espionage thriller with a ghost as a protagonist.

Rahm and his research team at the University of Virginia make a big breakthrough in healthcare monitoring technology. Shortly after, a global tech conglomerate launches a copycat product.

When Rahm’s suspicions grow that his team’s technology is being stolen, Rahm is murdered by his girlfriend, his body is dumped in remote woods and his team is assassinated.

Rahm wakes up as a ghost and finds himself to be the prime suspect. He needs help and starts to hunt for a ghost mentor, a woman from his dreams. As he globe-trots to find her, exact revenge, and clear his name, he stumbles into a vast global conspiracy. Will it be too much for Rahm and his new ghost friends to handle?

I find it lame that, in most ghost stories, ghosts can “haunt” places and move things around, make noises, float through walls. That makes ghost life a bit too easy. Ghosts in my book can do none of that. Everything ghosts can do manifests as phenomena that happen in real life.

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