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Basic Info

Title: The Beginning of My End

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Length: ~78,000 words

Author: Siddharth Dalal


Early Reader Comments: “Engaging and Clever”,
“Now I need to wait for the Netflix series”, “Could not put down Rahm’s story”,
“Seriously, I loved this. Now I’m making my husband read it”,
“Enough twists and turns for a great TV show”,
“Awesome, unique story with so much research. An epic journey of International cooperation. A unique sense of justice that will resonate with everyone. It has perhaps the best use of Facebook to ever exist. I hope to get hold of the physical book one day.”

Basics Pitch Blurb Synopsis Bio Comps First 50 Pages


Rahm is murdered by his girlfriend, his research team at the University of Virginia is assassinated, and their technology is stolen by a big conglomerate. When Rahm wakes up as a ghost, he finds himself to be the prime suspect. As he globe-trots to seek revenge and clear his name, he stumbles into a deep conspiracy that might just be too much for him to handle.

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Basics Pitch Blurb Synopsis Bio Comps First 50 Pages

Blurb (Mild Spoilers)

Rahm is dead. Murdered by his girlfriend and his body dumped in remote Virginia woods. His research team has been assassinated and their health monitoring technology stolen. Rahm, an engineer and a man of science, finds himself to be a ghost and also the prime suspect in his team’s deaths.

Rahm, an organized and methodical planner, embarks on a quest for vengeance and to clear his name. When Rahm realizes that a woman from his dreams, Vivienne, must be a ghost, he begins a global search for her based on clues from those dreams.

Vivienne introduces Rahm to a global network of ghosts. As the band of ghosts helps Rahm, they discover a trail of bodies and must go up against a big tech conglomerate and shadowy government agencies that are using the tech for spying in ways that were not possible before.

Basics Pitch Blurb Synopsis Bio Comps First 50 Pages

Synopsis (Spoilers)

It’s 2008. Rahm and his research team at the University of Virginia make a big breakthrough in health monitoring using gait and sleep measurements. Shortly after, a global conglomerate, Mashataki, launches a copycat product.

When Rahm’s suspicions grow that his team’s technology is being stolen, Rahm is murdered by his girlfriend, his body is dumped in remote woods and his team is assassinated.

Rahm, an engineer and a man of science, finds himself to be a ghost and the prime suspect. Wanting to avenge his death and clear his name, he spends a few frustrating months following the investigation and trying to figure out how ghost life works. When mediums, ghost tours and the like turn out to be pretty much useless, Rahm starts thinking that exacting revenge as a ghost might be impossible.

Just as Rahm is about to give up on seeking revenge, he has a breakthrough. He discovers that he can possess certain sleeping people. While possessing a boy in Barcelona, he realizes that a woman, Vivienne, from dreams he had long ago, must be a ghost. He follows clues from those dreams to try and find her. After a creative and grueling search, Rahm finds Vivienne in Gibraltar. She introduces him to the world of ghosts.

He resumes trying to prove his innocence and get his revenge in the little time he has possessing people. With the help of new ghost friends, Rahm breaks into Mashataki HQ in Japan. Using the information from Mashataki HQ, Rahm manages to infiltrate Mashataki locations in the Netherlands, Bengaluru, and North Carolina. He destroys all the software and the backups and drives their healthcare division into bankruptcy. While Rahm and his ghost gang are destroying the company, executives at Mashataki are being killed by someone else. Everyone involved in his murder, but Marie, is dead.

During this globe-trotting, he discovers Mashataki devices installed at airports in many locations, further intriguing him. When the Snowden revelations about NSA spying make the news, Rahm decides to use the NSA to find Marie. That’s when he discovers that the NSA and CIA are using his technology for spying and that the conspiracy to kill his team goes deeper than previously thought.

Rahm manages to infiltrate the NSA with his ghost friends and locate Marie in Rio De Janeiro. In Rio, he manages to sneak into a CIA base and clone a CIA phone. But he fails at killing Marie, and she vanishes again. Before she escapes, he captures her “gait fingerprint” to make finding her easier in the future. However, Marie stays under the radar for a long time. When Rahm has long given up on finding Marie for a second time, his CIA phone alerts him to her presence in Santiago. Vivienne and her friends who live in Santiago find Marie. Vivienne possesses Marie and convinces her to visit Hawaii using the power of dreams, just like she had convinced Rahm once. Rahm finally gets his revenge 13 years after his death.

Basics Pitch Blurb Synopsis Bio Comps First 50 Pages


I am currently the VP of Engineering at a small AI startup in Charlottesville, VA and this is my first novel and second book. My first book was a guide to teach kids programming in JavaScript. I blog about food, finance, education, and travel at

Basics Pitch Blurb Synopsis Bio Comps First 50 Pages

Comps & Audience

Thriller readers x paranormal fiction readers. The book reads more like a thriller about a normal guy thrown into a conspiracy as a character in a Dan Brown, Robin Cook, or John Case novel would be. The paranormal elements never result in any happenings that cannot be explained by real-life phenomena. So, there aren’t exact comps but Kat Richardson and Jim Butcher are my inspirations in writing a paranormal fiction novel.

Basics Pitch Blurb Synopsis Bio Comps First 50 Pages

First 50 Pages

Read / Download the first 50 pages here. Email me for a full manuscript request.

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