Elementary JavaScript (eBook from Amazon)


This is an eBook version from Amazon.
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Elementary JavaScript – Programming for Elementary and Middle School Kids is designed to introduce anyone 10 years and up to programming. Follow along as you learn the basic concepts of programming while building parts of a game. By the end of this book, you will have learned the basics of programming and built a Pokémon card game at the same time.

This book is based on Sidd’s experience teaching his son programming and he thinks anyone can enjoy the unlimited possibilities from knowing how to code. Code opens the doors to all kinds of fun projects. Imagine being able to make the games you play!

This book will teach you how to think in code, write code that is easy to understand, work with friends on code projects and also what to do once your project is complete.
You will be introduced to the latest additions to the JavaScript language that make programming simpler, more efficient and less complicated.

Reviewers, Libraries, Schools and other non-profits, please contact s1dd@s1dd.com for free or special priced physical and eBook copies.


This book contains over a 100 screenshots showing every concept and every step in action such as this one about debugging:

All the code in the book is beautifully syntax highlighted including showing all the additions (diff highlighting) made while working on the game to make learning easier:

The code is fully tested in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. All the code is available online on GitHub. Not only is the code well commented, it is built up step by step and it teaches good organization and commenting practices that will make the code easier to use and read.

Tech Specs

JavaScript: This book uses the latest JavaScript standards. ES6 (or ECMAScript 2015) introduced classes to JavaScript and was a major update. Since then JavaScript has had various smaller updates in ES7, ES8 and so on. Many new features have been introduced in and after ES6 such has the use of let, const, arrow functions, promises, async functions etc. all of which make programming easier. This book makes use of many of these new features.

Modern JavaScript has become so powerful that libraries like jQuery are no longer necessary and this book sticks to pure JavaScript in the browser.

Code Editor: Visual Studio Code is used in the book. The code can be written in any editor

Browser: Chrome is used in the book, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Opera can be used. Internet Explorer will not work

Misc Tools: NodeJS (expressJS library) are used for server side JavaScript, git and GitHub are used for source control.

Operating System: Windows is used for the screenshots but any operating system can be used that has a browser with a debugger and a way to edit code.

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