SoGoInvest – So Go Invest – what excuse do you have now?

SoGo Invest Open AccountI just saw an ad for these guys on this blog and I had to check them out – !

Now Scottrade is being given a run for its money and if SoGo succeeds, hopefully we will see all around fee slashing and maybe, just maybe the days of free trading will be back.

2 thoughts on “SoGoInvest – So Go Invest – what excuse do you have now?

  1. Johan Wilton says:

    Scottrade has great customer service, hundreds of branches and much more to offer the active trader in terms of tools and news. Looking at Sogo, there is no competition. Take a look again at Scotttrade.

  2. Sidd says:

    All my personal accounts are at Scottrade and I agree with everything you are saying. I’m not saying Sogo is better than Scottrade, just they have lower fees. They do have some interesting options like fractional shares etc. and I hope they succeed. Also, as a new company the expetation of having as many branches as Scottrade is a bit much. And this blog is not really geared to the active investor 🙂

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