India Fund Revisited

The India Fund Inc. now trades at a nearly 10% discount compared with a nearly 20% premium same time last year. The Indian stock market BSE index is now back over 14000 and stocks are doing well, however the premium on IFN does not seem to be improving. This is probably a good time to buy.

Premiums on Indian ADRs are also much lower than they used to be and it may be a good time to get in to those too. TTM is up about 18% since I bought some before my last post and that is without any increase to the premium. If the trend continues, the premium will rise too.

1 thought on “India Fund Revisited

  1. MossySF says:

    Thanks for writing this entry. I looked at IFN a few months ago but didn’t like the high premium. After reading your article, I added it back to my watchlist and picked up a bunch of shares after emerging markets all tanked earlier this week.

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