Contests, Social Networking etc.

I take part in an investing contest organized by visitors of the newsgroup So far my returns for this year in the contest are just over 9% (slightly above the market=S&P500). I generally buy stocks at the begining of the year and hold them for the entire period. I do very little, if any trading. I will cover my holdings for this year in future posts.

Caps LogoOther than that I created an account at Motley Fool Caps – a social networking site for stocks. I rated a few stocks and so far am being totally beaten by the market, mostly thanks to my +ve rating for Blockbuster – which I thankfully do not own in real life and have covered before on this blog.

One neat feature of the Caps site is the Stock of the Day feature – where I am recommended some or the other highly rated stock. Of all the suggestions made to me so far, I like – Accenture Ltd. – ACN and Genlyte – GLYT. I will try to follow both of these in the future.

2 thoughts on “Contests, Social Networking etc.

  1. John says:


    9% returns are negligeble considering 40-50% returns that are offered by most mutual funds it would be better to just invest in the same and let the mutual funds do all the work


  2. Sidd says:

    If you can list some funds that provided the 40-50% consistently every year since they started, your argument will hold some water.

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