Fox Rent A Car Billing Disputes – Beware!

Jan 18: I rented a car from Fox at Oaklad airport and returned the car on time but they charged me for an extra day due to an error on their part. Calling their national customer service just got me forwarded on to the local Oakland office.

A Vanessa at the Oakland office promised to look into the issue and call back the same day. Ha!! No such luck. So I called back a few days later and this time I was promised a refund to my credit card within a few minutes. No such luck again.

If you ever rented from Fox, I would recommend you check your credit card statement and see if you have been billed correctly. I am going to dispute this charge with my credit card now because it is pointless calling Fox. Supposedly only a manager can give you refunds or investigate matters and a manager is never available nor do they call you back after taking your information.

Update on Jan 28: HSBC (my credit card company) has filed a sales receipt request from Fox and I have provided them with all the information I had. Unfortunately I did not save my copy of the rental agreement. I have also called Oakland again but was placed on endless hold waiting for a manager. I have emailed Fox customer service and left a message for them one more time. If this dispute is not resolved a complaint to the BBB is due.

Upon searching for Fox Rent a Car online, I found lots of people who were cheated far more than I was. Here are links to some complaints:
RipOff Report

1 thought on “Fox Rent A Car Billing Disputes – Beware!

  1. Tom says:

    That Vanessa was later fired for embezzlement of over $10,000. Fox did not press charges on this employee for some odd reason, her previous supervisor was fired for embezzling over $25,000. Real shady organization…do a backround check and see the truth on this company, I did.

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