Green Power Using Companies

Today Intel announced that it became the largest consumer of green energy. I had heard that PepsiCo used 100% green energy and was actually surprised that Intel uses more energy than Pepsi. Looking at the EPA website, it turns out that only 46% of Intel’s power comes from green sources! Comparing then in number of employees, Intel has around 86000 and PepsiCo, around 168000. So Intel basically just runs a power hungry business. Take the case of Pepsi, not only is the parent company a 100% green energy user, but it all its individual bottling companies are also 100% green.

Here is EPA’s list of companies that use 100% or more green energy. How you ask, can a company use more than 100% green energy?? The answer lies in buying more green energy credits than power you consume. So you basically pay the difference in cost of non-green and green energy for somebody else who you don’t know.

You can go green too. Just call your power company for details

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