(scumbags) cancelled my 6 Cell MSI Wind preorder, then raised prices by 50$. So I’m pissed at them and at MSI for lying about the Winds availability and price.’s ratings at resellerratings are already so bad that I wonder how they are still in business.

Anyway yesterday I got an auto-notify from Newegg that the EEEPC 1000H was in stock and the same price as the Wind – $549. Plus Newegg is my favorite Electronics e-tailer so I ordered it and it is already shipped!! Oooo!

The disadvantage of the eeePC 1000H is that it is marginally larger and heavier but the advantages are that it has 802.11n, the RAM is upgradable without opening up the whole machine and it has a multitouch trackpad. Otherwise the two are nearly identical. More when I actually get the thing on Monday.

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  1. Jim says:

    I just ordered my 6-cell Wind from NewEgg on Wednesday night and should have it on monday according to my tracking number. It was the last of the few they had come in. They are starting to ship, just have patience and watch good. I never got an in stock notify from them just got lucky. Good luck though!


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